Modern and dynamic management, commitment to human values and meritocracy, localization of world’s modern technologies, investment in their widespread implementation, and execution of large projects are among the achievements of this international holding.

Prefabricated structures

The construction industry is considered one of the parent and leading industries in order to realize the jump in production and economic dynamism, whose scope and diversity are always evolving.

In this regard, the Department of Construction Industries of Sadra International Holding, which has a brilliant history of being a representative of Iran in the international exhibition of modern urban technologies, in the form of the “Sadra 1400” event, its latest solutions and achievements, with the aim of economic value creation and greater profitability for Builders and creating attractiveness and satisfaction for buyers were presented.

In this event, the latest knowledge-based products, based on the current needs of the construction industry, especially in facilitating the supply of standard materials such as (cement, rebar and modern prefabricated walls, etc.), facilities, pipes and fittings, elevators and escalators, BMS and smart , the virtual visit and pre-sale building systems based on VR and AR augmented reality technologies were unveiled and reviewed.

Undoubtedly, one of the newest construction methods is the use of prefabricated structures, and these structures can be a suitable alternative to facing bricks, clay bricks, pottery, metal panels, plaster blocks, etc.

According to the climatic, cultural and social conditions, the method of composite style prefabricated structures has been recognized as the most suitable method for our country, Iran. For example, new technologies sometimes increase the price of construction, which makes them not so popular and widespread, but the method of light prefabricated structures not only does not increase the price, but in mass construction projects, they will eventually reduce costs!

In this regard, the Department of Construction Industries of Sadra International Holding has made a remarkable development by investing in the design and construction of ultra-light combined industrial wall and providing an irreplaceable product in this regard!

Light prefabricated structures based on knowledge-based technologies

Catalog of prefabricated structures of Sadra construction industry event 1400


Sadra Construction Industry Catalog 1400