Modern and dynamic management, commitment to human values and meritocracy, localization of world’s modern technologies, investment in their widespread implementation, and execution of large projects are among the achievements of this international holding.

Steel and rebar

The construction industry is considered one of the parent and leading industries in order to realize the jump in production and economic dynamism, whose scope and diversity are always evolving.

In this regard, the Department of Construction Industries of Sadra International Holding, which has a brilliant history of being a representative of Iran in the international exhibition of modern urban technologies, in the form of the “Sadra 1400” event, its latest solutions and achievements, with the aim of economic value creation and greater profitability for Builders and creating attractiveness and satisfaction for buyers were presented.

In this event, the latest knowledge-based products, based on the current needs of the construction industry, especially in facilitating the supply of standard materials such as (cement, rebar and modern prefabricated walls, etc.), facilities, pipes and fittings, elevators and escalators, BMS and smart , the virtual visit and pre-sale building systems based on VR and AR augmented reality technologies were unveiled and reviewed.

Production of a diverse basket of rebar products at Sadra International Holding’s rolling mill:

This steel section rolling and rebar production complex, within a short period of its operation, has been able to make a special contribution to the supply of steel sections for infrastructure and large-scale projects in the country, especially in the south of the country and Qeshm and Kish islands.

This factory, which is located in a very special location and at the shortest distance from the waters of the Persian Gulf and next to the Bandar Abbas-Shiraz transit route, provides ingots directly from the best and most reliable steel smelting factories, such as: Kaveh steel complex south of Kish, Arfa iron and steel factory, Pasargad iron smelter, etc., which produce the best and highest quality ingots according to international standards, are continuously supplying and storing consumable ingots in order to maintain the inventory of raw materials. The production lines are in the field of rolling all kinds of sizes, there is no interruption in the delivery of orders, and they deliver the orders to their customers accurately and according to the schedule.

Steel and rebar

Steel and rebar catalog of Sadra 1400 construction industry event


Sadra Construction Industry Catalog 1400